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We're spanning the gap.

our story

Locally was founded in 2013 to address changing consumer behavior. We saw that shoppers wanted to use their devices to shop at local stores, learn about the brands they carry and browse real-time inventory, but there wasn't a way to do that.

Locally was founded to fill the gap.

Every day, we help millions of shoppers find their favorite brands at nearby stores and complete their purchases using local pickup or delivery.

Connecting shoppers, brands, & stores.

Online & Offline

When a shopper makes an online purchase decision but prefers a local pickup or delivery Locally spans the gap.

By connecting millions of online shoppers, thousands of local retailers, and hundreds of the world's most popular brands to the fastest-possible logistics, Locally is creating the world's largest, decentralized shopping network.

Let's join forces.

Locally for Retailers

Locally was founded by retailers to help shoppers find and buy products at their favorite nearby stores - keeping those purchases in their communities.

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Built to support local shopping.

We're creating the world’s largest network of specialty brands and retailers so it’s easier than ever to shop online and buy locally.

Engaging experiences for local shoppers.

Locally for Brands

We help global brands guide shoppers through delightful online-to-offline shopping experiences that keep them immersed in the brand all the way through to successful in-store purchases.

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Keeping shoppers immersed.

Internet-connected devices are perfect for doing product research, but great service is always better when it’s delivered within your community.

Locally helps shoppers move past the screen and get the best out of both online and offline shopping.

Our suite of tools.

Brilliant tech. Fulfilling shopping.

For many major retailers, online-to-offline shopping represents more than half of their sales. Our tools help every brand and retailer optimize for the most important shopping channel.

Featured tool

"Near Me" Transactions

Buy It Locally

Shoppers expect to be able to place an online order for an in-store or curbside pickup, same-day delivery, or shipment-to-store, not just a shipped box. Locally can help you give them what they want.

Featured tool

Local Delivery

Buy It Locally

Same-day delivery is becoming a high priority for shoppers. But, many stores struggle to implement a solution that is inexpensive and convenient for shoppers.

Featured tool

Store Locator

On-Site Engagement

We’ve upgraded the basic store locator into an immersive shopping tool that can be used to drive local sell-through, strengthen retailer/brand relationships, and cement loyalty with shoppers.

Featured tool

Landing Pages

On-Site Engagement

Locally Landing Pages enable brands and retailers to drive clicks back to landing pages on their own sites which feature the real-time inventories available at nearby stores.

Featured tool

Product Locator

On-Site Engagement

Our Product Locator steers shoppers to nearby purchases. Locally is one of the few companies in the world closing the gap between what shoppers are looking for online and where they can complete their purchases nearby.