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For Retailers: Buy It Locally™ Conversion Tools

What is Buy It Locally™ and how does it work?

Locally's Buy It Locally suite of conversion tools allows a shopper at any point in the Locally ecosystem—product and store locators on Locally's brand partner sites, your Locally Pages tool on your own site, your Locally Pages for Facebook, and—to reserve or pay online for a product and pick it up in store.

You're notified of orders via email, text message, or both, and with an customizable notification schedule, effortless messaging system, and visibility on major online platforms, Buy It Locally™ is a simple way to offer shoppers a direct path to an in-store purchase, no matter where they are online.

In the coming year, Locally will add support for local delivery. Locally will never power shipping. Read on for specifics related to each of our conversion tools.

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How do I set up Buy it Locally?

First, login to your account and click Buy It Locally™ > Setup & Configuration on your dashboard.

Walk through the steps to select your plan, notification method (email, text message, or both) and your recipients, tax rates, billing info, and Stripe integration (for accepting payments). Don't forget to add your store hours from within your Dashboard.

Then, send us a note at and let us know you're ready. We'll do a quick check to make sure your inventory is up to date, your store hours are added, and your Buy It Locally™ setup looks good. We'll place a test hold so that you can try out the system and make sure your staff receives their notifications, and you're all set!

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Reserve Now, Pay in Store | Buy Now, Pick Up in Store

Locally’s product reservation/purchase feature allows a shopper at any point in the Locally ecosystem to purchase or reserve any in-stock item at your store for in-store pickup.

How does it work?

Payments: In minutes, any retailer can set up a merchant account with Locally using the Buy It Locally™ setup configuration in your Locally account. We use Stripe as our payment gateway.

Reservations: a simple product hold request/confirmation system. In minutes, any retailer can start accepting reservations for pickup using the Buy It Locally™ setup configuration in your Locally account.

When a user hits “Reserve Now, Pay in Store” or "Buy Now, Pick Up in Store" the shopper initiates their request to pickup an item at your store, and has the option of including a message to add additional information. The shop is notified via text message and/or email and prompted to respond to the customer. You are required to respond within 4 hours during business hours or else the order is cancelled, however, retailers are encouraged to respond within 30 minutes.

Where do these options to hold/purchase appear?

It appears throughout our ecosystem. It appears on the websites of our brand partners who use Locally to drive in-store sales from their website, your website if you're using Locally Pages, on your social media if you're using Locally Pages for Facebook, and from

How are we notified of reservation requests?

Any staff member can receive and respond to a request. Define recipients for each of your stores, along with the days and times they should receive notifications, in the Buy It Locally™ section of your dashboard. Any employee of your company with a Locally retailer account can update his or her notification settings.

Notifications are sent via email and/or text messaging. Each employee can configure it to best suit their needs and facilitate the quickest response time. Note that every store must have at least one contact who always receives notifications.

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Does Locally remind us of outstanding requests?

Yes! After the order is placed by the shopper, Locally will send you a reminder every 30 minutes until you respond to the shopper. This reminder is only visible to you and your store notification recipients. This only works during business hours, so if a shopper places a hold at midnight, the reminders won't begin until 30 minutes after you've opened the next day.

What if we don't respond in time?

If four hours goes by and you have not confirmed the request or responded to the request, Locally cancels the order and notifies the shopper that you were unable to fulfill the item. At that point, you would have received seven reminders.


Locally charges a simple transaction fee on successfully picked up orders. Our rates are available in your account.

What happens if we just sold the item someone is requesting to put on hold?

In the case that the product is no longer available, you simply uncheck the "confirm item is being held" box via the link in the notification message you've received via text and/or email and tell the customer in your response that the product just sold. You can use the opportunity to offer to special order or recommend another product. For example: "Unfortunately, that item just sold, but we do have other colors and similar products in-stock. Feel free to call us directly at xxx-xxx-xxxx and ask for John. Thanks!"

If for any reason you need to cancel the order, just click "More" and then "Cancel".

Once you've set up Buy It Locally™ for your store, email us to activate your Buy It Locally™ subscription and begin accepting product reservations.

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Coming Soon: Pay Online, Local Delivery

Locally will add support for local delivery in the coming year. Shops will be able to choose how they'd like to set this up. Some shops will have a company vehicle that drops products off at people's homes, others will partner with local delivery companies like Uber Rush or

Let us know in advance if you're interested in joining the local delivery pilot.

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How much does it cost?

On reservations for in-store pickup, there is a 3.5% transaction fee on the MSRP of the item if the item is successfully picked up in the store by the customer (you're not charged for "no shows"). Enterprise rates are available. This fee will become effective in Summer 2019, so please enjoy free reservations for pickup between until then! You will be notified via email before billing becomes active if you'd like to opt out at that time.

To accept payments for in-store pickup, there is a 3.5% transaction fee on the MSRP of the purchased item, plus a Stripe credit card processing fee. See the Stripe section in your Buy it Locally setup area for more information.

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What do I do if a shopper reserves an item that is no longer available?

Don't worry, this happens. Buy it Locally is designed to help you facilitate the best possible experience here.

To start, uncheck the box that says "Confirm item is being held."

Then, write a message explaining what happened, and what you're going to do about it. Here's a model response we saw the other day:

"Hi! I'm so sorry, we just put that product on our defective shelf and our inventory hadn't updated to reflect it. Our sincere apologies! We have two other colors available in that size that we'd be happy to hold for you, or we can order the color you requested for you. Feel free to respond here, or call 504-123-4567 and ask for Jake and we'll get you taken care of!"

Finally, cancel the order to close out the order.

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What happens if a customer returns a product?

Any and all returns can be managed through your Stripe dashboard (our payments gateway). Check out their helpful doc for more information on processing refunds.

Note: Locally takes no commission on returns products.

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Why don't you support shipping?

Locally is about helping shops reach online shoppers in their area in a profoundly powerful way, helping you maximize sales to your local community and create life-long customers. Shipping boxes around the country just doesn't fit into that equation.

Plus, we're reading the tea leaves. We think local shops have had the last mile figured out all along. Locally is just reverse engineering it to connect your inventory with online shoppers to facilitate the on-demand, online-to-offline experience shoppers want and crave.

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Did we miss something?

We’d like to think we answered all of your questions (and more!), but sometimes that isn’t the case. If you think something should be here that isn’t, let us know. Shoot your comments and ideas over to, and let us know what you need to know.

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