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What is is everything we know, a repository for all of the shopper / store / inventory / brand / product information we monitor. It's the search engine for the real world.

We built to serve as a 'home base' for search engines and mobile users. Because we can aggregate all brands and all cities into a single location and provide massive amounts of location specific information in a mobile friendly platform, search engines love us.

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How are links to stores ranked on your site? sorts all links by physical proximity. All searches results (Ecommerce and physical store links) are ranked based on the shopper’s location.

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Can we provide product content and prices?

We source all of our product content from dealer catalogs (available for download from your Locally dashboard), and so we do not accept personalized content at the moment.

We are currently working to release a premium tool that will allow retailers to manually manage product content, including prices, in select areas of the Locally ecosystem.

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I see that vendors get a landing page. Do I?

Yes. We can even be your homepage! We'll not only include your products in our geographic search engine, but you can instantly deploy a landing page that only features what you have in stock. Use your merchant domain as the basis for all online efforts, facebook links, emails, tweets.

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How much does it cost to participate on Locally?


For retailers, it is free to join and post your inventory to display across the Locally ecosystem, including on brands' web sites. There are some costs associated with using Buy it Locally tools.


For brands, contact to connect with a sales representative.

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