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What is Locally?

The most basic answer is that Locally is a search engine for the real world.

Locally is a leading provider of omni-channel shopping technology. We power cutting-edge dealer locators and product locators for numerous leading brand websites, we power in-stock product catalogs for retailers called Locally Pages and Locally Pages for Facebook, and we run our own growing local shopping destination

All of our services enable shoppers to engage with premium brands at local stores and purchase products that are in stock near them through a sharp and seamless online to offline experience.

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Who are you all?

We're a mission-driven company based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, dedicated to helping online shoppers find and buy merchandise from premium brands at local stores. Locally was founded by retailers and industry professionals, and staffed almost entirely by those who came from a background in retail or brands. Everything we do is to help online shoppers find what they’re looking for, in-stock, near them.

Locally was originally founded in 2014 when a handful of retailers in the outdoor industry started noticing that shoppers were becoming glued to their computer screens, tablets, and smartphones, which meant that increasingly, the product research journey was starting on the internet. Purchases were still happening in stores, but as online research became ever-more dominant, they knew there was an urgent need to provide online shoppers with a simple way to access nearby, but digitally-invisible inventory.

Fate connected them with a New Orleans web firm with a unique understanding of retail and online shopping and the disconnect between the online and offline worlds, and Locally was born.

Fast forward to today, and Locally has evolved into an entire platform of tools that span the web to help online shoppers find products in stock near them and complete their purchase in a store in their community.

early 2014 The early team, planning in the "garage". Read about our current team.


General Topics

Includes information about retailer accounts, inventory feeds, pricing, languages and more. Learn More


Your account: managing and enhancing your profile

All about how to use your account to control and enhance your store information across Locally's platform. Learn More


Your Locally inventory feed

Answers questions about how to send your inventory data to Locally plus step-by-step instructions for the most popular systems. Learn More


Buy It Locally™ Conversion Tools

Includes information about how to accept product reservations and purchases from brand sites, your web site, and our web site. Learn More


Locally Pages™

Includes information about our embeddable widget which can be installed on any web page, including your Facebook page. Learn More


Locally Pages for Facebook

Information about adding you entire supported in-stock inventory to your store's Facebook page. Learn More


General Topics

Includes general information about brand accounts, pricing, analytics data, onboarding your product catalog, and more. Learn More


Product Locator

Includes information about our Product Locator tool, a widget which installs on brand sites and allows your site visitors to find your products in stock in Local stores. Learn More


Store Locator

Includes information about our Store Locator. This tool is installed on brand websites and allows your site visitors to locate nearby retailers and to browse what's in stock locally. Learn More


Shop in Shop

Includes information about Shop in Shop. This tool lets you shine a spotlight on your best retail locations from your own site. Learn More


Locally Switch

Learn More

Includes general information about Locally and our services. Learn More


Product Catalog - Data Standards

Includes information about product catalog data formats and how Locally is setting a standard across multiple industries. Learn More


Used By Trusted Brands Worldwide

Learn how industry leaders use Locally to further their brand recognition.