Mar 31 2022

SE Bikes Launches Special Product Drops Using Locally Ship to Store

By Samia Dockery   Implementation Manager

SE Bikes has been one of the biggest forces in the BMX industry for over four decades so it’s probably an understatement to say that they understand what it takes to have a successful product launch. They recently partnered with Locally to install Store and Product Locators utilizing ROPIS/BOPIS and Ship to Store functionality. In an exciting launch this week, SE Bikes released the limited edition black Vans Big Ripper and red Vans PK Ripper Looptail!

Locally's "Ship To Store" feature enables retailers to accept orders from shoppers for products they don't have in stock, but are available at participating brand warehouses. Using local retailers as ship-to-store pickup sites, service points, or in-store returns is becoming a key need for every brand. Locally makes this easy by leveraging your existing, managed dealer network. We enable any dealer to accept shipments for prepaid customers. The process is seamless, shipping fees are minimal as compared to residential shipments, and is supportive of your wholesale channel.

One of the challenges faced during SE Bikes’ Ship to Store implementation was around concerns of a single shopper being able to place multiple orders as well as overselling any limited products. Locally made sure that only one cart instance was allowed at a given time to alleviate the former concerns. And in order to ensure that SE Bikes did not oversell any of these special products, Locally developers worked with key decision makers to create an Inventory Offset feature. This feature will help brands track available quantity on hand for a specific UPC. In addition, we added a feature to protect a UPC from being overwritten by the brand’s available to sell feed when launching special product drops.

We are very excited about our partnership with SE Brands. Their willingness to offer Ship to Store helps retailers better serve shoppers as well as stay competitive!

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