Jul 12 2021

Introducing Locally SwitchLive™

A new universal tool that connects real-time shopper behavior to any analytics solution.

By Amanda Dinstel   Lead UI/UX Developer

Locally is excited to announce SwitchLive™, a significant new tool, built specifically to provide our Brand Partners with clearer insight into shopper behaviors throughout the Locally conversion funnels. With a few simple steps, Brands can understand exactly what is happening inside any of Locally’s embeddedable engagement tools such as our Store Locator and Product Finder.

Treating online-to-offline conversions as a legitimate, popular path to purchase requires the exact same types of optimizations as a normal ecommerce funnel. SwitchLive™ enables marketers to see deeply into the consumer journey, clear roadblocks, and reinforce winning tactics in a channel-agnostic way.

"When Crocs tapped Locally to unify their online and offline sales channels, one of their most important requests was access to real-time shopper behavior, connected to their internal marketing analysis systems. We built SwitchLive™ to span that gap for all of our clients."

Teddy Schiavoni, Locally VP Business Development

Here are the highlights:

  • A historic problem: Locally’s Product Locator and Store Locator tools function as iframes embedded in Brand sites. Historically, the parent-child relationship between a brand’s web application and Locally’s embedded iframes meant the Product and Store Locators created a “UX blind spot.”

  • A novel solution: SwitchLive™ was designed to eliminate the UX blind spot. With a simple front-end implementation, you can gain clarity on how far users are making it into the Locally shopping experience, what they see, and what they do.


  • Real-time insights: SwitchLive™ continually emits events for UI impressions and user actions. By monitoring SwitchLive™ events in your web application, gain real-time insight into what your users are doing and seeing.

  • Actionable metadata: Each SwitchLive™ event carries information about products, upcs, stores, and stock levels that were visible to the user when the event occurred.

  • Endless possibilities: SwitchLive™ events are generic JavaScript objects that are simple to utilize. With a few lines of JavaScript, you can collect these events and use them in any number of ways: leverage the events directly in your front-end business logic in real-time, or push them to your own analytics solution!

If your company makes and sells products through multiple channels - such as direct to consumer online, company-owned retail, and/or brick-and-mortar/wholesale dealers - and you want to unify your marketing efforts across channels, leverage the SwitchLive™ event layer to gain real-time insights into the Locally-powered conversion funnel.

More about Locally:

Manufacturers/Brands and Retailers, learn more about Locally here: https://join.locally.com/

Developers, check out the SwitchLive™ documentation here: https://www.locally.com/switchlive/docs

Questions? Shoot us a note at support@locally.com.

About Amanda Dinstel

Amanda first crossed paths with Locally's technology during her tenure at an ecommerce web agency, almost five years before having an opportunity to join the Locally team. At Locally, Amanda applies her web dev experience and design eye to Locally's many user interfaces.  View all posts by Amanda

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