Jul 07 2021

Introducing Data Export: New Premier Connection 

NEW Shopify Solution Designed for Multi-Store Retailers 

Retailers, let's take your business to the next level! Locally is working with Data Export, a reporting software that is used by thousands of e-commerce merchants to create custom reports and automated exports. This Shopify App can set up inventory feeds for multi-store retailers. Currently, the Shopify app developed by Locally only supports single-store retailers. If you are a retailer using Shopify and are looking for a solution to this problem, we now have you covered!

Data Export is an easy and affordable way to report data. Data Export's team will guide you through the entire process and will walk you through any questions you may have. This new inventory sharing option is a time-saver and it will allow businesses to flourish.

Both Locally and Data Exports teams are thrilled to be able to provide retailers with this new option. Data Exports team says, "We are excited to offer a solution for multi-store retailers who use Shopify to easily share their inventory to Locally's platform and beyond. We believe this partnership will empower merchants to sell across multiple channels".

Data Export is a paid service. Learn more about Data Export here. You can follow their instructions to use their pre-created Locally inventory report and set up the automated export to email or FTP.

Contact Us:

Data Export has chat support on their app during weekdays. Reach out to their support team with any questions you may have throughout the set-up process. Once you have completed setting up your report, reach out to us at support@locally.com to let us know that you have sent the reports so we can get them wired up correctly for you in our system.

About Locally:

Locally was founded in 2014 in anticipation of changes in consumer behavior. We saw that shoppers were turning to internet-connected devices for decision making and that increasingly nearby stores, the brands they carry, and their on-hand inventory were invisible to those shoppers. So we built a solution. Today, we help thousands of stores present their selection to nearby shoppers using e-commerce tactics and we provide users with novel last-mile fulfillment options like in-store pickup and same-day delivery.

About Data Export:

Data Export is a reporting software that is used by thousands of e-commerce merchants to create custom reports and automated exports.

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