May 05 2021

Click-and-Collect 2021: Buy Online, Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) Industry Trends

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  • Click-and-collect boomed in the US last year.
  • US shoppers spent $72.46 billion via click and collect last year, a 106.9% growth rate over 2019.
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It's no surprise that the ecommerce industry saw massive growth amid the pandemic, as consumers turned to online shopping to avoid crowds. But we can't ignore another segment of retail that saw significant growth last year: click-and-collect. This shopping method allows consumers to "click" to complete their transaction online, and then "collect" their items at the store, rather than have them delivered.


US click-and-collect sales more than doubled in 2020 and will sustain double-digit growth rates through 2024, according to Insider Intelligence estimates. Click-and-collect was a key offering that provided peace of mind to shoppers trying to stay safe amid social distancing regulations, and will likely remain popular as digital buyers opt for speed and convenience.

What is BOPIS?

Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS), another term for click-and-collect, is the process of ordering an item online and picking it up later in-person. BOPIS combines the convenience of online shopping with the efficiency of same-day delivery.

Insider Intelligence defines click-and-collect sales as products or services ordered using the internet (regardless of payment method) for pickup in a store or a locker in a retail or pickup hub location. We exclude travel and event tickets, payments such as bill pay, taxes, or money transfers, food services and drinking place sales, and gambling and other vice good sales.

Click-and-collect pickup locations vary from secure lockers and in-store pickup places, to curbside pickup spots, where consumers simply pull into the store's parking lot and notify employees that they've arrived. From there, retail workers deliver the customer's order directly to their vehicle.

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