Apr 16 2021

Locally Helps OS1st Support their Local Dealers

Find OS1st Gear at a Store Near You 

By Calista Tufankjian   Communications | Business Development

Runners and athletes everywhere will be excited to learn that OS1st is joining Locally to support their local shops. OS1st is a compression sock and sleeve brand that aims to keep you active and injury-free. It is key to workout with reliable and supportive gear that will push you to stay motivated all year long. We are now powering OS1st’s Store/Product Locators in effort to simplify the shopping experience for their consumers. Locally makes it effortless to locate a store near you that carries the exact product you are looking for. We give shoppers options and display everything down to size and color! Our technology is designed to deliver a positive and efficient shopping experience. Start your shop today. Stay safe and comfortable in your new active gear!

Does your store carry OS1st? Get started with Locally today and connect your inventory. Sharing your inventory is completely free, secure and effective! Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity!

Retailers, learn more and get started today >

Start your shop:

OS1st's Store Locator

OS1st's Product Locator

Please direct Brand inquiries to brands@locally.com and Retailer inquiries to retailers@locally.com

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