Mar 29 2021 Drives Shoppers to their Favorite Brands at Nearby Shops

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By Calista Tufankjian   Communications | Business Development

With another surge in demand for bicycles arriving alongside warmer months, we felt the time was perfect to reinvest in our partnership with, The National Bicycle Dealer Association (NBDA).

Locally is an online-to-offline (o2o) shopping platform that provides shoppers with real-time visibility of the products that are available in nearby stores - using digital marketing tactics like SEO, SEM, and P2P. Participation in most marketing efforts is free for retailers.

The goal of the partnership is to support the Independent Bike Dealer (IBD) community and the brands they sell with a suite of powerful tools that are specifically designed to drive in-store purchasing. Locally and NBDA also share important insights about regional consumer behavior for the benefit of the bicycle industry as a whole.

Dealers enrolling in Locally’s ‘Buy It Locally’ transaction platform can accept local online sales for ROBIS (Reserve Online, Buy In-Store), BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store), Same-Day-Delivery, and Ship-to-Store from anywhere their stock appears to a shopper, for a minimal transaction fee.

Locally is compatible with virtually all point-of-sale systems, and accepting transactions can be done with nothing more than a mobile phone.

About Locally: Locally is a New Orleans-based technology firm that connects online consumers to local in-stock inventory at their favorite nearby stores. The platform offers dynamic Store and Product Locator tools which support thousands of retailer integrations across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions. Locally is the intersection where brands, shoppers and retailers connect.

Own a Shop? Get Started with Locally Today! Join Locally TODAY! Locally will make the connection and shopping experience seamless. Additionally, stores can enroll in; 24/7 online transaction acceptance, free site widgets, locations and reputation management tools (Google, Yelp, Bing, etc.), and direct integration with Google’s See-What’s-In-Store (SWIS) local ad platform. Locally manages the product content and connections, stores handle the shoppers. Don’t wait any longer, get started today!


Shop your Favorite Brands at your Local Shops Eighty-Five percent of today’s shoppers start their search online when looking for products and report being more likely to visit a store when knowing an item is in stock. Locally works with brands to build features and tools tailored to their consumer’s needs. When retailers and brands work together to promote local shopping it boosts sales.

Locally’s Tools: The NBDA is making an effort to provide bicycle retailers with a promising tool that will maximize their business. Bicycle dealers have experienced a rapid increase in sales due to the pandemic. Locally saves retailers time by doing the digital work for them, allowing local shops to do what they do best; run their daily businesses.

Assure shoppers that your stores have exactly what they are looking for by connecting to Locally. When it comes to purchasing, shoppers want options. Locally facilitates orders for same-day-delivery and curb-side pick-up. Our tools are easy to use for the retailer and the shopper. We also display store hours, events and more!

Prioritize Shoppers! Locally and the NBDA have worked closely over the past few years to provide their retailers this beneficial partnership. The president of The National Bicycle Dealers Association, Heather Mason, states, “Today’s consumers are on the go. As retail trends shift into 2021, it is important for IBD’s to stay in front of local consumers. By using an application like Locally it allows you to connect your inventory to new consumers; local consumers ready to buy. The incorporation of maps and instant buy online, makes it easy for consumers to find exactly what they are looking for and fast. This platform, which is free for retailers, not only expands your market reach, but allows you to elevate your store identity and inventory using the SEO of Locally”.

Locally is proud to be teamed up with the NBDA. This collaboration allows us to give back to the cycling community and provides them with advanced resources to boost their businesses. Locally wants to help the bicycle community continue to succeed, especially during this bicycle surge. Let’s gear up for summer and get as many people as possible outdoors, cycling!

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