Dec 18 2020

New Store Hours tools for retailers

Our new tools to manage your store hours come just in time for the holiday shopping homestretch

By Mark Strella   VP Platform Services, Support , Amanda Dinstel   Lead UI/UX Developer , Tim Habersack   Principal Engineer

Just in time for the holidays, retailers can now enhance their store profiles with custom store hours options for shoppers.

Here are the highlights:

  • Set Special/Holiday Hours: Stores can now schedule custom hours for display on specific dates. These hours will override the standard store hours and are presented visually to shoppers as an exception to your regular hours.
  • Use "Highlights" to add visibility to in-store happenings: this new feature lets stores add a label for specific blocks of time on a given day to call attention to anything going on that day that's worth highlighting for shoppers.
  • Store Hours Breaks are now supported: retailers that close mid-day - for example, for siesta - can reflect this with their Locally store hours.

Retailers, here's how to get started:

  1. Login to your Locally dashboard and navigate to the Our Stores panel, click a store, and load the "Hours tab" to make changes.
  2. For detailed instructions, head here: Manage and Enhance your Listing.

Questions? Shoot us a note at

About Mark Strella

Mark met Locally's founders while running a business alliance in New Orleans and became one of the first members of the team. At Locally, he leads all things client-facing.   View all posts by Mark

About Amanda Dinstel

Amanda first crossed paths with Locally's technology during her tenure at an ecommerce web agency, almost five years before having an opportunity to join the Locally team. At Locally, Amanda applies her web dev experience and design eye to Locally's many user interfaces.  View all posts by Amanda

About Tim Habersack

Tim is a long-time web developer and the creator of Nickelpinch, an open-source finance app. At Locally, he works on new features and functionality, infrastructure, integrations and memes.  View all posts by Tim

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