Nov 20 2020

Retailers can now add in-store prices to the Locally platform

Ensure shoppers can see and purchase products using your real-time prices

By Calista Tufankjian   Communications | Business Development

Locally has exciting news to announce for our Retailers! Retailers can now display their in-store selling prices on, their own sites, or any third-party tools like Google SWIS and more. This feature is available for free to any retailer who is enrolled in Buy It Locally.

Historically, Locally has displayed brand-provided prices. However, as the platform has expanded and more and more retailers adopt Locally as their own e-commerce solution, the need for this functionality has increased.

Retailers can provide their price via their inventory feed, and this gets presented on, retailer sites, and third-party tools. Brands maintain the ability to choose which prices display on the Locally-powered tools on their own websites.

Retailers can opt into this feature, just make sure that you are enrolled in Buy It Locally first.

Retailers, learn more and get started >

Brands can continue maintaining the price to display on their website or can opt in to allowing retailer in-store prices. Brands should keep an eye out for Locally’s Minimum Display Pricing feature, coming in the near future, which will allow you to allow retailer prices to display on your site down to a price you choose. If a retailer's in-store price is lower than your minimum display price, your minimum display price will show instead. To learn more, head here.

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