Nov 17 2020

New Premier Connection: CORESense

Just in time for the holidays - a new premier integration with CORESense POS

By Tom Whelan   Retailer Activation Manager

Calling all CORESense retailers, Locally and CORESense have just developed a premier integration that's as easy as one, two, three, four. Feed your inventory that's in CORESense to Locally, and have your stock published onto hundreds of brand sites. Shoppers can now feel confident moving from a brand's website to your store knowing that the item they're looking for is in-stock and ready for purchase. Oh, and did we mention that this is free?

If you haven't claimed your Locally account already, head over to Here's how CORESense retailers can get set up:

  1. Generate FTP credentials within your Locally account. Write down the server, username, & password
  2. Enter a request with CORESense customer support to set up the standard Google Product Feed with an Invocation of Scheduled and a frequency of 1x per day. Please be sure to include the server, username, and password of the Locally FTP credentials from step 1 (this is different than your Locally login).
  3. Specify the channel to pull the products to include in the feed from or leave the channel blank, and all active products will be included in the feed. Locally suggests including all active products, as anything not recognized by the Locally system will be skipped over.
  4. Email when CORESense has initiated the file transfer.

About Tom Whelan

Tom has been with Locally since early 2017 and heads up the retailer activation team. Bringing value to shoppers and brand clients alike, Tom strategizes effective ways to ensure that key retail partners are taking advantage of Locally's premium tools installed on hundreds of brand websites.   View all posts by Tom

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