Nov 01 2020

Driving Business from Local Stores With Same Day Delivery 

By Calista Tufankjian   Communications | Business Development

Do you want your delivery in a flash? Locally is here to help. Locally makes shopping as easy as possible. We know our shoppers have extremely busy lifestyles and struggle to find products they need quickly. With the click of a button you can have the products you need delivered right to your home or office, same day!

During these difficult times this feature has put many people at ease. Same Day Delivery allows everyone to support their favorite local businesses while staying safe. This gives shoppers the ability to find what they need without coming in contact with anyone. Many customers are extremely thankful for this feature.

Overall this service has increased the number of shoppers supporting local businesses. People still want to shop from the retailers they love and know. However, many individuals want to shop without the hassle of going into a store. This feature allows shoppers to feel safe and satisfied with this fast delivery feature.

Many Retailers using this service are extremely excited about the results they have been seeing. Here’s what Joshua Moran, the General Manager of Boulder Running Company had to say: “This feature allows our customers to ship on their own time and still give to local businesses. It gives them the ability to shop within their comfort zone”. He expressed that, “This feature has allowed their customers to get involved within the community without even going into the store”. Boulders Running Company has had many customers thrilled with using Locally Same Day Delivery.

Same Day Delivery has been driving sales specifically for local businesses. This feature drives more shoppers to purchase from these local retailers. Zachary Faugno, the Marketing Lead from Arc'teryx expressed that: “This feature has increased sales for their store. I have noticed that people who normally wouldn’t have come into the store are using this feature to place orders”. He believes this feature is “convenient for everyone involved”.

Make your life easier and try out Locally’s Same Day Delivery Feature! Head over to Locally Marketplace to check out all the brands that offer this Same Day Delivery feature and receive your order today!

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