Apr 27 2020

This Friday, learn about the new Shopify "SyncLocally" app.

Join us for a webinar with the experts behind the app

By Mark Strella   VP Platform Services, Support

Sell on Shopify with SyncLocally

This Friday, we're excited to feature our newest partner, SyncLocally, who just released an app that enables retailers to launch Shopify sites entirely powered by Locally's product content.

With SyncLocally:

  • Any product you carry from a Locally Brand Partner and our non-partner supported catalogs automatically become sellable online through a Shopify site
  • Store pickup and same-day delivery are available via a Locally Product Locator
  • Complete site development packages are available
  • You're live on Shopify, the world's leading ecommerce and marketing ecosystem.


Learn more in person by attending our webinar this Friday with the experts behind SyncLocally:

Go Live on Shopify with SyncLocally This Friday, May 1st 12:00pm EST


Click here for more info on SyncLocally

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Mark met Locally's founders while running a business alliance in New Orleans and became one of the first members of the team. At Locally, he leads all things client-facing.   View all posts by Mark

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