Apr 15 2020

Locally + Shopify: One of our most requested features is now here.

The ultimate marketing toolbox for retailers.

By Mark Strella   VP Client Success , Mike Massey   Founder & CEO

Our newest partner, SyncLocally, has released an app that enables retailers to launch Shopify sites entirely powered by Locally's product content. Shops will be able to start a totally new site or plug into the app.

With SyncLocally, any product you carry from a Locally Brand Partner will automatically become sellable through your Locally-powered Shopify site.

Plus, store pick up and same-day delivery will be powered by the embedded Locally Product Locator on every product page.

Learn more at the Locally Help Center or by heading to SyncLocally.com.

SyncLocally Shopify App

The SyncLocally app syncs your Locally product catalog with your Shopify store every 24 hours, populating your Shopify site with product content that is constantly being generated by Locally.

Perfect for:

  • Any retailer who wants to run a Shopify store with automated product content powered by Locally
  • Stores who need a robust online presence for marketing, but don't want to scale a huge staff.

Launch a Shopify Website in Days with SyncLocally's Experts

SyncLocally's Shopify experts offer basic and advanced packages for complete Shopify store builds. Or, purchase blocks of hours for help making improvements to an existing store.

Perfect for:

  • Retailers who want to launch a Shopify site from scratch using Locally product data
  • Existing Shopify merchants seeking to make improvements

SyncLocally + Great Outdoor Provision

North Carolina-based outdoor specialty retailer Great Outdoor Provision Co's new Shopify site is powered entirely by SyncLocally.

It features thousands of products loaded into Shopify automatically by the SyncLocally app. And when their stores re-open after COVID-forced shutdowns, a Locally Product Locator will facilitate store pickup and same-day delivery.

What Does This Cost?

  • Locally Product Feed: $99/mo
  • SyncLocally App: $39-49/mo
  • Shopify Development Services: multiple options available. More info here.

Other Requirements:

  • Retailers must maintain an up-to-date inventory feed to Locally
  • All stores must accept Buy It Locally transactions
  • Locally's Product Locator (included!) must appear on all product pages

Additional Options:

  • Locally's enterprise-level Store Locator can be integrated (prices start at $0/mo for under 500 monthly views).
  • Multi-language support is available.
  • Endless Aisle coming soon.


Shopify.com is the most robust e-commerce platform in the world.

They help get hundreds of brick-and-mortar retailers online every year. Now, with this app, we make it even easier to win online and offline. Locally is integrated throughout the site, providing shoppers with every possible purchase option.

Visit SyncLocally.com to get more information or get started.

About Mark Strella

Mark met Locally's founders while running a business alliance in New Orleans and became one of the first members of the team. At Locally, he leads all things client-facing.   View all posts by Mark

About Mike Massey

Mike is a third-generation specialty retailer and owner of Massey's Outfitters in New Orleans. He pioneered both e-commerce and marketplace sales before realizing that shopper behavior was changing and brick and mortar needed a paradigm shift to keep up. At Locally, Mike is the head of strategy, operations, and partnerships.  View all posts by Mike

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