Mar 24 2020

Drive Sales with Coupon Codes

Retailers can now offer coupon codes to provide discounts on orders and delivery fees

By Mark Strella   VP Client Success

To all the retailers who requested this feature from us: thank you, we rushed it out so you can put this to use now! Retailers can now create and offer coupon codes for shoppers paying online for in-store/curbside pickup or same-day delivery from retailer sites or

How it Works

Retailers have a few different coupon types to utilize. You can offer flat dollar or percentage discounts, or add minimum order thresholds to encourage larger carts. You can apply it to your entire inventory selection, or specify use for specific brands.

Additionally, retailers offering same-day delivery can discount the delivery fee normally paid by shoppers partially or entirely. You can reduce the delivery fee by a flat dollar or percentage amount, or tie it to an order minimum. As an example, retailers can offer reduced or free delivery on orders over certain thresholds.

Get Started

Head to for the full menu of options and next steps to get this going for your store.

Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on unsplash

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