Mar 19 2020

How to turn your Facebook page into a makeshift ecommerce site in 5 minutes.

This free tool will allow your customers to connect directly to your real-time inventory, request a pickup or same day delivery - FROM FACEBOOK.

By Mike Massey   Founder & CEO

More than ever, it is critically important to keep local customers updated about what is happening with your brick and mortar store. Are you open? What are your hours? Any policy changes that matter? Do you offer in-store shopping? Curside pickup? Local delivery? What's in stock?

Here's a site in action.

For retailers that haven't ventured into ecommerce, communicating information about your product selection is absolutely essential. Shoppers simply do not use telephones and the yellow pages any longer to make shopping decisions. This is why Locally exists.

Let's go through the process of getting your in-stock inventory information in front of local shoppers via your Facebook page. It's free.

Step 1

Make sure you have connected your inventory information / point-of-sale system to Locally. In the industries we support, like running, outdoors, baby, we will be able to convert that information into a real-time profile of what you have in stock. This is entirely free.

Find the instructions to do this here:

If you need help, you can get that here: Submit a new support ticket

Step 2

Once your inventory is live, follow these instructions: Install Locally Pages for Facebook

Note that you'll need to go back to your Facebook Page after step 3.

It will take care of everything you need by injecting an app into your Facebook page. The process is fairly easy and will take only a couple of minutes. It is completely free to use the Locally Facebook Shopping app.

If you have fewer than 2,000 page followers, you can't use the app, but you can still add your Locally inventory via your "Shop Now" button: Facebook Shop Now

Step 3

Do you want to offer pickup and delivery? Right now, these could be anywhere from important to urgent for you and your customers. We offer reserve-online-pay-in-store (ROPIS), buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS), and same-day delivery (in partnership with Delivco and Postmates).

To set up pay online and reserve online: Buy It Locally setup

To set up same-day delivery: Offer same-day delivery

Step 4

Promote this service!

Shoppers are not going to discover your offer on their own any more than they would find a Shopify site you weren't marketing. Be aggressive. Promote the page via email, social media, friends, and anything else you can think of. Some of our retailers have built considerable businesses using these services. But all of them have worked at it very hard for some time. What is important right now is to give shoppers information about supporting you.

Locally is a fully-integrated service. Your participation works not only on social media channels that you develop, but on brand sites, natural search results, and if you choose, on your own blog.

Coming soon, Locally will offer a direct integration for Shopify. Watch this page for details.

About Mike Massey

Mike is a third-generation specialty retailer and owner of Massey's Outfitters in New Orleans. He pioneered both e-commerce and marketplace sales before realizing that shopper behavior was changing and brick and mortar needed a paradigm shift to keep up. At Locally, Mike is the head of strategy, operations, and partnerships.  View all posts by Mike

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