Mar 16 2020

A Partner In Need... Supporting Local Retailers

How brands can help local dealers during social distancing 

By Teddy Schiavoni   VP Business Development

Brand Partners:

Locally supports everyone in doing their part personally and professionally to sequester the spread of COVID-19. We also recognize how the effects of social distancing is already taking its toll on local businesses; our partners and yours. Over the past several days we have been busy preparing to help dealers continue business and satisfy shoppers in their nearby communities despite having little to no foot traffic in stores. Therefore, Locally is now offering enrollment in our enhanced features such as Curbside Pickup and Same Day Delivery to active dealers at the lowest possible cost.

Precautions by Local, State, and Federal Government officials around the world are advising everyone to be responsible to reduce the spread as we can. Perhaps now more than ever, communities are rallying to help one another in any ways they can. From offering to shop for others who may be most vulnerable, to take-out food and home deliveries, people are mindful of not exposing one another to risks. We feel that by enabling stores to continue servicing their local markets without needing to interact directly with shoppers, we are doing our part to support our partners personally and professionally.

We ask your company to join Locally in our efforts. Having local transactions enabled on your websites could mean the difference to businesses striving to survive in the near term. And while many warehouses are closing, enhanced local shopping such as Curbside Pickup and Same Day Delivery may become the only viable means to meeting needs in the market.

Please consider supporting your business partners in this way with Locally. Reach out to us to discuss how you can optimize support of your local dealers. We are working overtime to support the effort and we welcome your participation.

Thank you for your business. Wishing you well,


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