Jan 07 2020

Channel Mastery #115

mike massey, founder and president & teddy schiavoni, vp business development at locally

Teddy and Mike do an interview with Kristin Carpenter-Ogden from Channel Mastery and Verde Brand Communications. They discuss the evolving consumer channel, what companies are doing to adapt, and some notable changes of the past few months.

EPISODE PREVIEW: Mike Massey and Teddy Schiavani of Locally are back on another Channel Mastery episode just in time to kick off the brand-new decade!

“…The reality is that [selling on Amazon only is] not really creating the same type of community that having advocates and word-of-mouth people, brick-and-mortar people on the ground, advocating for your products. That really does create goodwill, and a lot of our clients have really experienced this in the last year. And seeing that Nike news was real validation of that.”

In today’s show, the dynamic duo of Mike and Teddy (Meddy? Tike?) together bring a ton of value through their insights on where today’s consumer is on the ever-evolving ‘decision journey.’ They also share insights that make the trends we’re seeing in retail and marketplace evolution highly relevant to our specialty businesses. This is an episode not to be missed!

Locally is a company that connects the brands and products found in thousands of stores with nearby, interested shoppers. Mike and Teddy, and the Locally team, are always evolving the how around their mission, because the consumer continues to evolve. Locally is a crux player for specialty brands and retailers in terms of leveling the playing field – Locally makes it easier to compete for the attention of today’s discerning consumer.



Mike Massey, Founder and President at Locally is a third generation retailer and owner of Massey’s Outfitters. The idea of Locally grew out of a need to market in-stock products to nearby online shoppers and accept transactions from them. At Locally, Mike is the head of strategy, operations and partnerships.


Teddy Schiavoni is VP of Business Development at Locally. His work in the snow sports industry includes retailer, sales rep, product development and marketing. His deep connections around the globe allow him to present Locally as a solution to enhancing brand/retailer relationships.

TOPICS COVERED: Nike leaving Amazon, Amazon, Omnichannel consumers, 2020, Locally, Brick and Mortar

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