Oct 15 2019

Introducing the Locally Relationship Manager

Perfect your store presence on brand sites with Locally's newest release

By Ben Hirsch   Founder & CTO , Mark Strella   VP Platform Services, Support

"My store isn't appearing on a bunch of brand websites. How can I fix this?" -Every Retailer Ever

Retailers! Get started by requesting access today. Head here for more information or head straight to your dashboard to request access here.

For years (dare we say, decades?), brands and retailers have struggled to present shoppers with an accurate digital reflection of which wholesale locations are authorized to sell those products. The reasons are numerous: stores move, open, and close constantly; many brands track ship-to information but not store-level information; it's easy to miss a store here and there; and more. Until now, the problem has been handled with a time-consuming maw of phone calls and personal emails between retailers, sales reps, and brands.

Locally is out with a new product that promises to alleviate this problem once and for all. With Locally's Relationship Manager, retailers can easily send authorization requests to any brand whose site they are missing from from their Locally dashboard. Brands receive these notifications and can swiftly approve (or decline) the request.

What makes this engine uniquely exciting? When a retailer has their inventory feed connected to Locally, our system automatically detects missing brand authorizations and suggests them to stores in a distilled "Suggested Brands" list.

Retailers with existing locations can now get added to any brand dealer lists that they are missing from. Retailers opening new locations can quickly get their new store added to the sites of the brand they carry, earning crucial foot traffic for the grand opening.

Brands, you can learn all about how Relationship Manager works, dial in a custom email recipient list, and more at this link.

Retailers, get started by requesting access today. Head here for more information, or login to your dashboard to request access here.

About Ben Hirsch

Ben is a veteran developer with an extensive history of working on creative, multidisciplinary projects. He is passionate about open-source tech and building data-driven tools, especially for local businesses and the communities they serve. At Locally, Ben manages the dev team, app platform, operations, security, and integrations.   View all posts by Ben

About Mark Strella

Mark met Locally's founders while running a business alliance in New Orleans and became one of the first members of the team. At Locally, he leads all things client-facing.   View all posts by Mark

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