Sep 09 2019

Snow Sports: 2020 Vision

An epic season ahead for Snow Sports suppliers and retailers

By Teddy Schiavoni   VP Business Development

A record number of Snow Sports retailers and suppliers have partnered together through Locally, providing a clear path from online shopping to in-store service and pickup in the upcoming season of 2020. In this industry, the window of opportunity during the winter is short so it’s no surprise to see an industry so rooted in technologies capitalizing on sales and marketing via Locally.

Participation is the key to success. With over 60 major brand partners and over 10,000 retailers globally, shoppers around the world can now rely on the trusted source of brand-site information with thousands of retailers reporting their UPC/EAN stock daily through Locally connections. The number of suppliers directing shoppers into these stores for local pick-up is snowballing. Most recently, the apparel segment of Snow Sports has activated with new Locally clients including Patagonia, Obermeyer, Descente and Kari-Traa all launching in Q3 2019.

Joining with thousands of other specialty shops, Vail Resorts Retail recently connected stock to Locally for all ~180 locations, which now enables skiers/riders across North America to shop brand partner sites to discover what’s in stock before arriving at destinations. The next step toward capitalizing on the market opportunity for VRR, and retailers everywhere, is to activate their ‘Buy It Locally’ accounts, accepting transactions and allowing shoppers to make reservations for in-store service and pickup. Additionally, retailers have access to showing brand’s catalog information whether as an Authorized Dealer by the brand, or by enrollment in Buy It Locally. And, retailers are enabled to use their Locally catalog pages at no cost as their own eCommerce solution to drive shoppers into stores.

If it all sounds too good to be true for Snow Sports, it isn’t. The technology is live today and shoppers around the world are already searching brand sites for information on the latest innovations and are finding products in-stock nearby, everywhere. From online reservations for in-store pickup to Locally’s ability for brands to drop-ship shoppers’ purchases into local stores for service and pickup, one thing is clear: 2020 is a marked opportunity for Snow Sports suppliers and retailers to partner together, maximize the season, and focus on sell-through at top margins.

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Teddy's work in the snow sports industry includes retailer, sales rep, product development and marketing. His deep connections around the globe allow him to present Locally as a solution to enhancing brand/retailer relationships.   View all posts by Teddy

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