Jun 30 2019

Sportmas POS has a new Premier Connection with Locally

Users of Sportmas POS have it easier than ever when it comes to getting in front of shoppers

By Johanna Rotondo-McCord   Retailer Success Manager

What do we want? A better connection between retailers, brands, and shoppers! When do we want it? Oh, by like, 5 years ago please. Well wait no longer, Sportmas POS’s new Premier Connection with Locally means that more retailers than ever can share their in-stock inventory with nearby shoppers across hundreds of premium brands’ sites around the world.

Sportmas POS is all about making connections through their digital products. With custom solutions and a comprehensive approach to retail, they build with an eye towards what makes your company unique. They’re the solution to digital questions and work to make offline information visible online. That’s why they’re the perfect partner for Locally, which is all about bringing online and offline together seamlessly.

With this new Premier Connection, Sportmas POS users can reach shoppers in their communities through Locally’s tools. Deployed across brand sites and retailer sites, Locally’s tools show shoppers the products they want, when they want them, and even let shoppers buy and reserve for in-store pickup.

Get ready, get set, get live!

About Johanna Rotondo-McCord

Johanna spent a number of years in the publishing industry. There she saw first-hand the importance of local retailers and the rapidly changing role of online shopping. At Locally, Johanna provides support to retailers at every step.  View all posts by Johanna

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