Jun 30 2019

RetailEdge POS unveils new Premier Connection with Locally

You’re in luck, RetailEdge users. It’s now a piece of cake to share inventory on Locally.

By Johanna Rotondo-McCord   Retailer Success Manager

One of life’s greatest pleasures is realizing that you get something pretty cool without much effort. And what could be cooler than your in-stock inventory featured on hundreds of premium brands’ sites and served directly to shoppers near your store? An ice age is about the only thing cooler than that. Our new Premier Connection with RetailEdge POS means easy breezy inventory is just a few clicks away.

Thirty years of experience have taught the team behind RetailEdge a thing or two. Like how to make an easy-to use, feature-rich POS system that hits all the right notes and works hard so you can work smart. By flexibly handling all the issues that affect your store, RetailEdge puts the emphasis on what makes your store stand out to shoppers.

With the new Premier Connection, RetailEdge + Locally take your store even farther. We put your live inventory on partnered brands’ sites so that shoppers near you can browse, learn, and even buy products no matter the time. It even lets you embed your supported in-stock inventory on your own site for maximum reach.

Ready to roll? Getting started is easy! Just follow these directions and your inventory will be live in no time.

About Johanna Rotondo-McCord

Johanna spent a number of years in the publishing industry. There she saw first-hand the importance of local retailers and the rapidly changing role of online shopping. At Locally, Johanna provides support to retailers at every step.  View all posts by Johanna

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