Jun 30 2019

Rain POS debuts Premier Connection with Locally

Rain POS users can now display their real-time inventory with ease and style.

By Johanna Rotondo-McCord   POS Integration & Retailer Success Manager

Ding! Ding! Ding! Hear that sound? That’s the sound of the awesome new integration with Rain POS making it easier than ever for you to get your piping hot, live inventory in front of fresh, local customers!

More than just a POS system, Rain has made their mark by being the ultimate platform for omnichannel connectedness. From their SEO-optimized sites to their loyalty programs to their sweet, sweet integrated marketing insights, everything about Rain is constantly updated so that their users are always showing the best information to just the right shoppers.

Combine that with our mission to make on-hand inventory available to shoppers nearby across hundreds of premium brands’ websites, and a Rain + Locally integration for retailers tastes better than peanut butter and chocolate. (Metaphorically. It’s pretty hard for software to compete with peanut butter and chocolate in a physical taste test, no matter how deliciously useful it is.)

Oh, and the best part? Everything’s in real time, so when shoppers want to buy or reserve products from you, you know that they’re seeing your up-to-date product selection.

An integration this great must take a lot of hard work to set up, right? Wrong! Go live with just one email today!

About Johanna Rotondo-McCord

Johanna spent a number of years in the publishing industry, where she managed accounts and promoted books. At Locally, Johanna works with POS systems and retailers and provides support at every step of the onboarding process.  View all posts by Johanna

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