May 13 2019

Locally Reviews Now in Google Search Results

We made it, Ma. Searching for retailers in your area will now spotlight Locally-sourced reviews for those stores, directly on the Google search results page.

By Tom Whelan   Retailer Activation Manager

Directly on the first page

You'll find a store's Locally listings among the top search results on Google, with reviews positioned strategically next to Facebook and Yellow Pages. This is all part of Locally's ever-increasing push to give shoppers the accurate store and product information that they crave. And with in-stock product availability next on the Google search hitlist, we think you'll be seeing more and more of us around.


More than just reviews

Clicking on Locally under "Reviews from the web" directs you to that store's page on As a shopper you'll be immediately presented with important store information, a map, and links to that store's social channels and website. Scrolling down you can browse their real-time product selection, read reviews, and if they're a multi-door retailer, check out other nearby locations.


Sourced from real customers

When a shopper uses Buy It Locally to reserve or purchase a product from one of our brand partner sites, a retailer's site, or, they are prompted to submit a review of their experience following their visit. Additionally, if a shopper lands on a store page organically they have the option to leave a review right from that page.

About Tom Whelan

A recent Loyola New Orleans graduate, Tom's love for the outdoors and economics drew him to Locally where he analyzed the impact of inventory sharing on consumer click behavior across the platform. He now manages retailer recruitment and activation.   View all posts by Tom

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