Apr 29 2019

Danner's Locally Launch

Heritage bootmaker launches a stylish Locally integration

If you're not familiar with Danner, a quick history lesson would serve you well. Long-time makers of hiking, hunting, uniform, work and lifestyle boots, the brand mixes heritage appeal with sharp, modern design. And their new Locally integration is a testament to that approach.

Shoppers on a Danner.com product page now know exactly where to find a specific style in-stock in their community, down to the color and size, whether it's at a Danner Brand Store or a specialty dealer. Try it for yourself by loading the Danner Vertigo 917 in Portland, OR or Denver, CO.

Danner's Store Locator is also now powered by Locally, providing nearby stores and product availbility across the United States.

The Store Locator also serves as a jumping off point for Danner's Locally-powered "Shop In Shop" Store Pages, which feature Danner's own company-owned stores.

Take a look at the Store Page for Danner's Portland Brand Store. Everything a shopper needs to know - from address and phone number to hours and the real-time product selection - is featured on a fully-hosted Locally page.

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