Mar 18 2019

Benvenuto, Cisalfa Sport!

Cisalfa Sport cracks open Italy, adding its more than 140 retail locations to the map. 

By Tom Whelan   Retailer Activation Manager

Welcome to our newest and largest participating European retailer (I'm sensing a trend). With 145 stores, more than 2,800 employees, and a premium selection of sport and lifestyle products, Cisalfa Sport is a behemoth in Italian retail.


Leading into the weekend of Saint Patrick's day, Cisalfa Sport took our attention from Ireland and turned it to Italy. Staying true to their innovative nature and dedication to an omnichannel marketplace, Cisalfa is now allowing shoppers on sites like to see their in-stock product selection across the country.

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Looking forward, we're excited to continue welcoming our friends from across the pond onto the platform. Other retailers like Maxi Sport and DF Sport Specialist have already joined the ranks, with many more on the horizon.

About Tom Whelan

A recent Loyola New Orleans graduate, Tom's love for the outdoors and economics drew him to Locally where he analyzed the impact of inventory sharing on consumer click behavior across the platform. He now manages retailer recruitment and activation.   View all posts by Tom

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