Jan 15 2019

How do I add a Yelp Call to Action Button?

By Blake Haney   Founder

What is the Yelp Call to Action feature?

The Call to Action feature is included in some of Yelp's advertising programs. It enables a business to write enticing, free form text and use an action button to help convert Yelp users into paying customers. The Call to Action feature can be linked directly to your Locally.com page or your own website. Yelp Business Pages with a Call to Action button deliver an average increase of 33% more user views and 38% more customer leads. If you're interested, learn how to add the Call to Action feature to your advertising program.

Consumers can view and use this feature on both desktop and mobile devices, and you can have separate offers for desktop and mobile running at the same time.

What are Call to Action best practices and guidelines?

Our best recommendation for using the Call to Action feature is to put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. Is what you’re reading enticing? Does it make you want to click to find out more?

Practical guidelines for creating a strong Call to Action

Pick an action that isn't already possible on your Yelp page. If your Yelp page already has a widget that enables guests to book a table reservation, there's no need to use the Call to Action feature for making reservations. That would create a poor consumer experience because it's unclear which one they should click on.

Pick the action you value most, and make sure the button text matches the page you’re linking to. For example, if a consumer sees and clicks on a button labeled ‘Shop Now,’ they should land on a page that shows your inventory and has some way for the customer to complete a purchase.

Keep the content of your Call to Action as broad as possible. The intent of this feature is to entice consumers to click on the button. If you limit the scope of your content, you’re eliminating potential customers from engaging with your business on Yelp.

Specifically for mobile Call to Action: tease the value in the description to entice users, and use the “additional information” field as needed. If the action is a phone call, it should have a call-related word in the description, such as “Call Now.” If the button links to a page, be sure that it’s mobile-optimized to best convert visitors into customers (and be sure to test it on mobile to make sure it works).

Learn more about Yelp's Call to Action Feature

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