Jan 28 2019

Exclusive Survey: Next-Gen Omnichannel Strategies Align Agility With Innovation

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By Johanna Rotondo-McCord   Retailer Success Manager

What does it mean for a retailer to be "omnichannel" in 2019 and beyond? Despite the "omni" prefix, it's not about being all things to all shoppers. Increasingly, omnichannel success will be defined by a retailer's ability to identify where customers are congregating, and to use innovation to meet them there with an appealing offer and product.

The seventh annual Retail TouchPoints Omnichannel Survey shows an industry using every tool at its disposal to maximize customer engagement opportunities in both traditional and new channels. Key findings include:

87% of retailers say creating a seamless customer experience across all channels is the most important business goal of their company's omnichannel strategy; 66% of retailers identify increased customer engagement with their brand as the most valuable way omnichannel strategies have improved their business; 64% say offering consistent pricing across channels is a "very important" component of their omnichannel brand strategy; 53% of retailers allow customers to track orders across some or all of their channels, up from 36% in 2017; and The percentage of retailers using customer analytics rose dramatically, from 52% in 2017 to 84% in 2018.

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