Sep 13 2018

Shopify App makes Locally a snap

This Premier Integration is too easy

By Kelly Nelson

Sharing your inventory with customers on brand sites is a no-brainer, right?

You know you can help your customers find just what they need, if only they can find you.

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With Locally's tools, you can get found on participating brand sites.

But isn't that complicated?

No, it's easy!

But first, let's look at why it's easy.

Locally was founded by retailers. Locally's sales team? Retailers. We understand the challenges of day to day opperations and how valuable your time is. We fully appreciate that anything that takes time, money, and/or effort on your part has to have a viable ROI in order to be squeezed into your repertoire. We get it and we want to help get those feet into your store with as little investment on your part as possible.

We offer a number of software integrations but Shopify is one of our standouts.

The Locally App for Shopify is incredibly easy to use. You pop in your domain and authorize the app. Done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. It's not the only reason that this integration stands out, though.

Locally App for Shopify

An increasing number of independent retailers are relying on Shopify for a simple ecomm solution. In a recent survey of baby specialty stores, approximately one third of respondents stated they are using Shopify for their websites. Shopify, being a user-friendly interface, is ideal for the retailer who only wants an e-comm presence to enhance the experience of the local customer base. After all, consumers are far more likely to visit a store if they have a nice website that shows what a customer can expect to find in the store.

The same retailer who seeks the ease and convenience of Shopify for their e-commerce needs can find that required efficiency with the Locally App for Shopify. It really is as simple as entering your domain and authorizing the app.

Not a Shopify user? No worries! We have simple solutions for EVERY retailer! Connect with our Retail Support Team for details on how you can most efficiently drive shoppers into your store regardless of your POS or ecomm system or lack thereof. We've got you covered.

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Don't see your store?

Get your inventory online and help nearby shoppers find their purchase at your shop. Brands win retailers win, and shoppers get what they want, when they want it.

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