Oct 06 2017

Coming Soon to Locally: Same Day Delivery

deliv.co powered same day delivery will be available in 40 major cities

By Johanna Rotondo-McCord   POS Integration & Retailer Success Manager

This fall, in select metro areas, shoppers will be able to select a same day delivery option when browsing the inventory of their favorite local retailers from anywhere throughout the Locally platform. That means, a shopper browsing running shoes on BrooksRunning.com will be able to see the inventory of nearby, participating stores and have it delivered to their home or office that day. If it doesn't fit, the shopper will be able to make a much more convenient return or exchange to the retailer at their convenience rather than re-packing up the item and sending it back through the mail.

Stores will be able to present their real-time inventory (for free) in search engines, on their own website, or via their facebook page and provide same day delivery to their shoppers without any special software or development expertise.

Shoppers get the knowledge, service, and product curation of local retailers, but the convenience of shopping online 24/7 combined with the fastest possible deliveries.

If you'd like to be one of the early adopting retailers, and you have a store or stores in any of these metro areas, please let us know.

Fort Lauderdale
Grand Rapids
Las Vegas
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Francisco
San Jose

Some additional FAQ's:

  1. The deliv.co service costs around $10 per delivery. The final price is based on a zip code to zip code calculation.
  2. Retailers will be able to configure the fees they charge shoppers and subsidize the deliveries as it makes sense to them.
  3. The service is limited to the products of Locally-participating brands.
  4. Software and set up is free.
  5. Deliveries are insured.
  6. Stores must have a Buy It Locally™ account.

Stay tuned. Lots more to come.

About Johanna Rotondo-McCord

Johanna spent a number of years in the publishing industry, where she managed accounts and promoted books. At Locally, Johanna works with POS systems and retailers retailers and provides support at every step of the onboarding process.  View all posts by Johanna

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