Sep 29 2017

Great Scott! Locally, by the Numbers. 

"Drones? Where we're going, we don't need drones."

By Ben Hirsch   Founder / Lead Developer

Locally began as a partnership of just four retailers in the southeastern US. It has since become a growing, international network containing thousands of participating brands and retailers. How did that happen? Some day we’ll explore our history, but for now, let’s focus on where we are and where we’re headed.

First, some of our recent numbers:

  • As of today, we’re tracking the status of 13 million in-stock product variants (UPCs) per hour, sent to us directly by over 1400 storefronts in 850 cities and towns.
  • We’re managing more than 200,000 unique dealer listings across 185 store and product locators presented in 8 languages.
  • We’re curating over 650,000 product variants submitted quarterly by 115 brands.

What are we doing with that plethora of information?

Simply put, we combine this data to create paths for online shoppers to buy directly from local stores. By informing shoppers about nearby product availability (when they are in the act of researching or buying that item) we’ve established the optimal way to capture local sales online.

This concept is catching fire:

  • Last month we captured data on more than 180 million instances of combined product, brand and retailer interactions across the Locally ecosystem.
  • We referred consumers in 480,000 geographic localities, worldwide, to local stores based on their specific brand and product interests.
  • Since launching our Buy it Locally platform last year, we’ve also facilitated thousands of transactions, including reservations and sales, from brand and retailer web sites directly to local stores.

How is that data useful? Shopper data helps the current and next generation of retailers and manufacturer sales representatives make smart decisions about product placement, gaps in local coverage and other trends invaluable to the health of the Brick and Mortar economy.

What’s next? Local retail wins the last mile.

Our platform represents the evolution of retail in the connected economy. From this perspective, same-day shipping is beaten only by instant delivery. Right now, we’re pairing up local delivery networks and retailers to pilot an unmatched, locally powered platform for delivery from local shops.

If all goes as expected, our next by the numbers article will include the number of delivery miles driven. And think of the number of miles of travel that will be saved by having products delivered from a local store rather than shipped across time zones. Incalculable!


About Ben Hirsch

Ben is a seasoned full-stack web developer. He is also an active participant and manager of open source code projects. At Locally, Ben manages the dev team, site development, system architecture and integrations.   View all posts by Ben

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