Sep 15 2017

Locally Disrupts Retail SaaS

It’s an exciting time to be a developer for Locally

By Joey Risk   Developer

When I joined the team about a year ago, things were rapidly changing, on all fronts. Any Software As A Service (SaaS) in 2017 has to stay on the cutting-edge of software advancements, and thats especially true for us. Not just due to our LAMP-based architecture and the various cloud platforms that help to power Locally, but also the nature of the Retail industry, where customer needs and wants are frequently changing and becoming more sophisticated.

Before going Locally, I had been working for another start-up service that our 3-person team dubbed “Facebook for Learners”, where students could book lessons with teachers remotely. But, as the realities of payment arbitrations between private entities across the globe and the from-scratch nature of our code began to take hold, the wind was beginning to escape our sails. We needed to scale and did not have the resources, tools, and constant dedication to make it the life-pursuit that a successful start-up requires in the modern age. The decision was made to completely re-engineer the platform from the ground-up and refocus the mission, and I decided to move on.

Locally already had a very strong foundation and vision when I first joined. Version Control (Github), a framework (Laravel), production and development environments, search indices (Elasticsearch), virtual boxes, system administration, server load-balancing, and, best of all, there was a clear path forward and a litany of great ideas coming from some great people.

Locally is an innovator that will continue to Disrupt Retail SaaS, so stay tuned

From Point of Sale Auto-Syncing to Language and Currency Integration, there has never been a dull moment when it comes to developing on the Locally platform. A few highlights have been upgrades to our Lightspeed Cloud integration, where users can be live on Locally in 45 seconds or less. Also, we're now rolling out Worldwide support, which includes comprehensive language, currency, and inventory feed processing support for international product codes.

As we enter the Fall of 2017, we are continuing to decrease our Store-Sync time intervals and rapidly increasing our product data to help us fine-tune our Analytics platform. A new Testing system, using tools like Codeception and Browserstack, will also help to maximize efficiency as we expand our Store Locator and Product Locator offerings and make Locally the seam-less connection between customer, store, and brand we all want it to be.

In an industry currently going through immense changes, and with an in-house system that is ready to keep up with the rate of change in an increasingly complex world, Locally is an innovator that will continue to Disrupt Retail SaaS, so stay tuned!

About Joey Risk

Joey is a software developer who specializes in PHP and Javascript. He has worked on projects that utilize stacks such as LAMP, XAMPP, and MEAN, and is excited to work on the frontiers of web app technology.  View all posts by Joey

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