Jul 25 2017

Bridging Digital Research with the In-Store Buying Experience

Here's How Locally is Disrupting Specialty Retail

By Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, Verde Strategy

This week, Locally's President Mike Massey appeared on Verde Strategy's "Channel Mastery" podcast. You can listen to it right here:

This is a re-post from our friends at Verde Strategy:

A few years, an audacious startup named Uber disrupted a legacy industry. It wasn’t just that Uber capitalized on the emerging “sharing” economy. It wasn’t even that the taxi industry was in particular disarray.

Mike Massey, founder of Locally and today's guest on the Channel Mastery podcast episode 4 got right to the heart of why Uber succeeded. “Consumers are married to their devices (with specific reference to mobile phones),” explained Massey. “Uber’s most elegant (solution) was to cover everything in one app.”

When it launched, Uber was revolutionary because it put the consumer first. It provided a solution that worked well with the way consumers live their lives – on their devices. It took away friction and gave the consumers a sense of control over what had become a commodity (and often crappy) experience – hailing and riding in a cab.

Consumers felt freedom and choice around transportation that they hadn’t before, which inspired palpable loyalty. All of this came from Uber’s founding vision of digitizing the analog experience of hailing a cab. Uber addressed the full taxi experience to satisfy all the needs and desires of the consumer “journey” in one place, and from the convenience of a mobile phone.

This is essentially what Massey, who is also a third generation owner of Massey’s Outfitters (a chain of four, physical outdoor specialty retail stores based in New Orleans), is doing for retailers with Locally (www.locally.com).

“It’s amazing that right now you can use your phone to get somebody to come pick you up in their car, you can book a hotel in another city, you can get a table at a nearby restaurant, you can get movie tickets, concert tickets,” Massey said. “But for the most part, you still can’t put something on hold at a local store.

“That’s the last mile that we’re building.”

The “Last Mile” is a key concept in the battlefield of attention that is end-consumer engagement. We’ll be addressing it in more depth below.


Paraphrasing the tagline, Locally is a way for consumers to shop locally, and connect online to premium brands and in-stock products at their favorite local shops.

Massey launched the site in 2013 with the collaborative input of 12 other industry colleagues (reps and retailers). By the time a customer enters a store, many are already invested in their research, decision-making and buying experience. All of that occurs on their devices.


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