May 17 2017

Pavilion Adventures + Locally

the perfect mashup of local stuff to do with locally available gear

By Blake Haney   Founder

This summer at Grassroots Connect, we're excited to debut our partnership with Pavilion Adventures, who were featured speakers at Grassroots Summit last summer.

For folks that didn't make their talk, or meet with them at their booth, Pavilion finds upcoming local events and allows retailers to automatically send their subscribers suggestions of activities that they may find interesting based on their event preferences, location, and user profile.

Local runners who subscribe might see upcoming races, while people who are more interested in fishing tournaments or social hikes will see those types of events. Your customers will find these types of alerts to be both personal and relevant to their interests.

Now, with the Pavilion + Locally partnership, retailers can include a list of suggested gear for the activities right in the email. Things that they'll need and that you have in stock.

Pavilion pulls the products and your stock info directly from the Locally API. There are no extra steps for shops. If your inventory is synced with Locally, you literally do not have to lift a finger.

The pilot we ran with a few of your peers showed that Pavilion emails with the Locally integration resulted in 27% more opens and 52% more clicks than average promotion retail emails.

Make sure to book your appointment with Locally and Pavilion at Grassroots this summer to learn more about this, and a lot more.

Here's an example of the Pavilion + Locally emails, sent by Black Creek Outfitters:

Pavilion Adventure Sample Email Campaign

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