Nov 04 2016

Deloitte's annual Holiday Retail Survey

provides crucial Omni-channel insights for brands and stores

"The customer experience has evolved to become a true blend of digital and physical, and we believe all operating decisions must reflect this new reality." -Deloitte, 2016 Holiday Retail Study

Each year, Deloitte's Holiday Retail Survey provides valuable insights into consumer behavior heading into the holiday shopping season. 

The growth of online shopping will continue for another record year. But, key insights are emerging that prove consumers are demanding seamless online-to-offline experiences.

We saved you some time. Here are the key omni-channel insights from Deloitte's survey you need to know.

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Shoppers are omni-channel. Let's facilitate it. 

66% want to research online but complete their purchase in the store, higher than the 50% who plan on purchasing online after visiting a store. 

43% want to buy a product online for in-store pickup to take advantage of those tangible benefits- check products in person, immediate gratification, and cost savings. 

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Nearly every shopper's purchase decisions are now digitally influenced.

86% of shoppers intent to research online before buying in store. Retailers, are you signaling to shoppers doing online product research that you stock what they are looking for? Brands, how are you helping shoppers that prefer to buy in store complete their purchase of your brand?

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Online retailers may boast increased traffic, but not loyalty.

This one is no surprise. Loyalty is a key tool for retailers to drive sales. Online, not so much. 

alt text

More shoppers want to use their smartphone to get store locations or check nearby product availability than make an online purchase.

Consumers are mainly using smartphones and tablets as virtual shopping assistants, rather than as a way to make a purchase on the go. Indeed, 47% of smartphone users (and 50% of tablet users) want to use their device to check product availability in a store.  


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