What is Locally and how can it help my business?  

Locally is a leading provider of inventory location technology. We power cutting-edge dealer locators and product locators for numerous brand web sites; we power in-stock product catalogs for retailer web sites called Locally Pages; and we run our own marketplace, locally.com.

All of our services enable shoppers to find and purchase what is in stock near them. If you are a brand, our tools help shoppers find your products in stores near them. If you are a retailer, participating in Locally will help shoppers find your store(s) and buy your goods directly from brand web sites, our web site, and your own web site.

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Who are you?  

For Retailers: General Topics 

How does Locally work?  

Why should I create/claim my account?  

How do I add my upcoming events to promote on brand sites?  

How do I set up the inventory feed for my store?  

How do you present my inventory to shoppers on brand sites?  

Why don't I appear as a dealer for certain brands you work with?  

Why aren't my products for certain brands you work with showing?  

How does pricing work?  

What countries do you support?   

How can I connect you with a brand you're not currently working with?  

For Retailers: Locally Pages™ 

What is Locally Pages™?  

How do I Install Locally Pages™ on my Site?  

What are some examples of retailers using Locally Pages™?  

I do E-commerce. Can I still use Locally Pages™?  

Does Locally Pages™ work if I have multiple locations?  

Why can I click through to the product page for some brands, but not for others?  

Can I set my own prices?  

I'm a running shop. Why are some of my brands not showing up?  

For Retailers: Buy It Locally™ Conversion Tools 

All about our suite of Buy it Locally™ conversion tools  

Reserve Online, Pick Up In Store  

Pay Online, Pick Up In Store  

Pay Online, Local Delivery  

Why don't you support shipping?  

For Retailers: Point of Sale System Integrations 

How can my store send inventory data to Locally?  

I don't use UPC's. Can I still get on Locally?  

My POS Only Exports UPCs Without the Final (Check) Digit, Will That Work?  

Support for: Ascend RMS  

Support for: Celerant  

Support for: Counterpoint  

Support for: Epicor  

Support for: Lightspeed Ecommerce  

Support for: Lightspeed Retail  

Support for: Lightspeed OnSite/Pro  

Support for: LinkEdge  

Support for: Microsoft RMS  

Support for: Netsuite  

Support for: POSIM  

Support for: Quickbooks (most versions)  

Support for: Quickbooks Desktop versions 4.0 to 12.0  

Support for: Retail Pro v8.x  

Support for: Retail Pro v9  

Support for: Retail STAR  

Support for: RICS  

Support for: Runit  

Support for: Shopify  

Support for: Shopkeep  

Support for: SmartEtailing  

Support for: Tallysoft  

My POS doesn't have automated reporting. Can I upload inventory manually?   

How can I utilize Dropbox for manual uploads?  

General Topics: Locally.com 

What is locally.com?  

How are links to stores ranked on your site?  

My site also offers Ecommerce, can you link to my Ecommerce pages?  

I’ve sent in my feeds for adding my Ecommerce to Locally.com. What now?  

Why two feeds (one for in-stock, one for Ecommerce)?  

Can we provide product content and prices?  

I see that vendors get a landing page. Do I?  

General Topics: Product Catalog - Data Standards 

What are the advantages for vendors (brands) and retailers?  

What is the standard?   

Who is using the standard?  

For Brands: General Topics 

How does the Locally platform work?  

What is the on-boarding process like?  

How does pricing work?  

How do I get my products listed?  

What control do I have over my brand?  

Can I edit one product at a time or do I need to edit in bulk?  

Can I collect analytical data about my products?  

I'm a brand and have retail stores. Can I list them too?  

What happens if there is no local product inventory on locally.com?  

I'm new. How do I onboard my products?  

How much development work is required to integrate our site with Locally?  

What are the Suggested Stores on my dealer list audit?  

Understanding your Product-level Analytics  

How do we add additional users to our locally.com account?  

For Brands: Product Locator 

What is the product locator?  

How do we add the product locator to our site for our products?  

What are the different Product Locator formats?  

Can we customize the style and layout of the product locator?  

How are dealer results determined?  

How do we handle variants (sizes, colors, etc) on our product pages?  

Can we access Product Locator data programmatically?  

Can we make the Product Locator update elements on our page?  

For Brands: Dealer Locator 

What is the dealer locator?  

What specific dealer information do we need to supply to Locally?  

How do we embed the dealer locator into our site?  

Can we customize the style and layout of the dealer locator?  

What custom features are available?  

How do you manage our dealers and keep their data up to date?  

Can we have the Dealer Locator jump to a specific location when it is loaded?  

Can we embed the dealer locator into our Facebook page?  

Does the Dealer Locator have mobile support?  

Can we access the Dealer Locator's map information?   

Does Locally offer International Dealer Locator support?