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RFIDtec 100 Wallet (Shadow)


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Product Information

(Shadow) - The Pacsafe RFIDtec 100 Wallet is a slim and sporty wallet for those concerned about their information. Many modern passports and credit cards contain RFID chips containing sensitive personal information. The RFIDtec 100 wallet blocks out RFID transmissions ensuring that all your identity cards, credit & bank cards are safe from potential identity thieves. In addition to having this identity saving technology, the RFIDtec 100 also makes a handy wallet with enough slots and pockets to hold onto your cards, IDs, coins, and cash. There's even a smartly zippered pocket for cash adds an extra barrier against pickpockets. Slip the Pacsafe RFIDtec 100 Wallet into your pocket or travel pack and keep your information safe. Available at