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Tramezzino Griller

$99.95 USD MSRP

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Product Information

Make camp Paninis, camp tofu, camp french toast, camp grilled cheese sandwiches and even beaten eggs in this great Snow Peak Tramezzino Griller. Tramezzino is Italian for "sandwich to eat". This amazing cooker is made of die cast aluminum with a high thermal conductivity, a fluorocarbon resin finishing to reduce scorching and facilitate easier cleaning. The handles lock to keep it closed while cooking, and can contain liquids. The handles fold down when not in use making it easy to store. This portable camping grill is the best camping tool for grilling sandwiches, cooking eggs and more. Material: Stainless Steel, Bamboo, Die Cast Aluminum. Dimensions: 13 L x 7.5 W x 1.2 H. Size Stowed: 8.25 L x 7.5 W x 1.2 H. Weight: 1.8 lbs