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Provision 2.5 Running Shoe Women's, Orchid/Black, 10


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Product Information

KEY FEATURES Fully Cushioned Zero Drop platform keeps your heel and forefoot even to align the body and lessen impact Varus Stability Wedge slopes from the inside to outside to prevent foot collapse Altra offers over pronators a comfy supportive way to improve their form. A moderate stability shoe Altra's Provision 2.5 Running Shoe prevents inward foot collapse with a sloped Stability Wedge and StabiliPod technology. The ZeroDrop design keeps your heel and forefoot even for better posture low-impact strides and strong lower leg muscles. Up front the wide roomy FootShape toe box lets your toes set naturally for better stability and performance. Rubber ball-like A-Bound material sits directly underfoot to absorb impacts and return energy - so you literally have a spring in your step. SPECSSupport Type: OverpronationHeel mm: 25Heel-to-Toe Drop mm: 0Forefoot mm: 25Average Weight oz: 8Cushioning: Moderate; Orchid/Black; 10