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Jans Park City, UT

Core Watch


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Product Information

The best core strength affects everything that surrounds it, and Suunto's best-selling sports watch is no exception. The Suunto Core sports watch is a digital all-in-one tool that monitors your stats and environment as you rack up a day's adventure in the backcountry. The Core's internal altimeter displays the current elevation, which gives you an idea of how much vertical you're crushing on the ascent. When the barometer's storm alarm goes off, indicating a change in air pressure and warning of an approaching storm, it's time to ditch your route and find shelter fast. But if you're stuck when the storm hits, switch to Suunto's digital compass mode and find your way back to camp pronto. Sunrise and sunset times are available for over 400 locations worldwide Multiple watch, date and alarm functions are easy to read in large digital font; time is displayed in either 12/24 hour format Built in digital barometer measures short term weather changes and displays current temperature readings; provides a storm alarm when significant weather changes are expected Altimeter logs elevation changes and temperature compensation in real-time in altitudes ranging from -1,600ft to 29,500ft (-500m to 9,000m) Compass features semi-automatic calibration and digital bearings with 1-degree headings for precise navigation 7-day altimeter/barometer memory stores information during multi-day travels Waterproof up to 100ft (30m) ...