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Women's Sprite 3Q Tights Impulse


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Product Information

Ultralight stretch tights made with our 150gm jersey corespun fabric and a 3/4-length design, the Sprite ¾ Tights 'Impulse' features a light, highly breathable design that's perfect for wear under a dress or skirt. Our corespun fabric features merino wool fibers wrapped around a nylon core, for added durability and strength which maintains next-to-skin softness. We've added a touch of LYCRA to provide just enough stretch to withstand holding shape throughout your adventure of choice. The unique flatlock stitching design features no side seams, and no crotch seams, making for the ultimate in chafe-free comfort. The wrapped satin jacquard waist makes for clean and comfortable style. Our 'Impulse' print is organically inspired by the calmness and serenity of nature, interrupted by bright bursts of energy, which mirror your savoured moments on the road.