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Sonar Sink Tip Fly Line


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Product Information
Scientific Angler's Sonar Sink Tip fly fishing line was designed to be fished in moving water with streamers and wet flies for everything from trout and bass to steelhead and salmon. The longer taper offers anglers a better presentation than shorter head fly lines by dispersing the weight over a longer area, making this fly line ideal for spooky fish.       Offered in multiple densities to allow anglers to find that ideal depth, the Sonar Sink Tip is not only a great choice for moving water, but works just as well in stillwater environments. Developed as a crossover fly line, Scientific Angler's Sonar Sink Tip is ideal for when you're looking for a killer line that works well in a variety of fishing conditions.                Longer taper for better presentation and fly turnover           SA-ID for easy line identification          Welded loops for an easy loop-to-loop connection            Shooting Technology Plus integrates slickness additive  ...