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Men's Everyday SS Crewe


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Product Information

The Men's Everyday Short Sleeve crewe provides a balance of warmth and breathability for year round comfort. The Men's Everyday Short Sleeve crewe is the kind of shirt you'll automatically bring on every trip. Made from a light, soft, breathable 200gm rib fabric, it feels great as a stand alone shirt, layers really easily under another top in cooler weather, and provides great insulation worn under a shell. And because it's merino, you can wear it for multiple days in a row without worrying about odor. So pack an Everyday crewe, it's the shirt you really want to wear everyday.
FABRIC: 200gm rib / 100% merino
BENEFITS: Versatile, thermal regulation, odor resistant
FEATURES: 200gm merino rib fabric regulates temperature and breathes well.