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Snow Peak

Kitchen Scissors Set

$89.95 USD MSRP

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Product Information

The Snow Peak Scissors gets your outdoor kitchen running as the set includes a small parking knife and scissors with a garlic press, meat tenderizer, bottle opener and nut cracker. Snow Peak Kitchen Scissors Set are one of those items youll quickly realize you cant camp without. These handy scissors feature a garlic press, bottle opener, meat tenderizer, and nut cracker. Also included is a small paring knife. Material: Stainless Steel. Weight: 8 oz (227g). Dimensions Scissors: L 8.25" W 3.6" Knife: L 8.5" Blade: L 4.75", (Scissors: 210*93mm Knife: 215mm Blade: 120mm). Contents Include Scissors, Carrying Case. Made in: Japan