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Campmor Paramus, NJ
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No Rinse Hair Conditioner

$3.99 USD MSRP

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Product Information

For active outdoors people, the No Rinse? Hair Conditioner is your solution for hair conditioning, when water is scarce. Absolutely no water is needed. Great for campers, climbers, military, truckers, hunters and anglers. Biodegradable formula is alcohol free.A wonderful finish for any shampoo. Ready to use. Instantly eliminates snarls & tangles while leaving hair soft and easy to manage. No rinsing required, no residue, no greasiness. Provides silkiness, softness & luster. No alcohol means no dryness. Simply apply, then massage into the hair, comb and style. Can also be rinsed like any traditional conditioner. 8 fl. oz.