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Campmor Paramus, NJ

Double Doodie Waste Bags with Bio-Gel - Six Pack

$17.99 USD MSRP

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Product Information

For no mess, easy clean-up of all portable toilet waste there is nothing better than the Double Doodie waste bags. The double zip locking mechanism ensures a tight, leak-proof seal and the tough outer bag minimizes any chance of puncturing. The Reliance Double Doodie is an essential for any portable toilet use.Size: 16 in x 17 in. (40.6 cm x 43 cm) Weight: 1 lb (453.6 g) Sealable, leakproof outer bag sealed to inner waste bag containing Bio-Gel waste gelation. For easy, no-mess waste disposal and carry-out. Compatible with most portable toilets (Not Included).