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Crystal T-Shirt - Women's Pink Medium


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Product Information


p>The Crystal T-Shirt is designed for optimum speed and freedom of movement. Cocona® fabric technology uses activated carbon for moisture management and cooling provides a UPF sunblock rating of 50+ and doesn't get stinky due to its odor resistance properties. With a stylin' feminine cut this mountain running shirt is featured with a small zipper side pocket for small stow-away items or an iPod. During activity in low light conditions the reflective seams assist in alerting motorists to your presence.


p>Cocona® fabric technology

The Cocona Patented Technology permanently incorporates natural active particles that have micro porous structures into fibers fabrics polymers and films. These active particles have been tested by industry standards and have been found to enhance the performance of fabrics by 30 to 50%. The benefit of Cocona® technology includes: increased breathability Dry Times UV protection and Odor management.