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Terminator X Pro


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Product Information

Just like its namesake, this boot has come back stonger and burlier every year. The Terminator X Pro has a slightly softer bellows flex than the TX Comp but still retains the torsional rigidity and tough construction to drive today's biggest, fattest skis. Able to fit both NTN and TLT, you get the ultimate versatility in choosing your binding system for the day's mission. Still light enough to tour in, and with a pivoting tongue for easy on and off. The NTN (New Telemark Norm) system is considered revolutionary technology for telemark skiers, for its basic design that connects the boot to the ski under the forefoot, giving the skier better control. NTN eliminates the need to bend over to adjust heel throws and clip leashes, since you step in like an alpine setup. It also eliminates the need for a duckbill toe on the boot, making it easier to walk around off the slopes.